Meet The DREAMers

Claudia, one of the heads of our youth leadership program, is about to start her junior year at University of California, Santa Cruz, where she is majoring in Community Studies.

Impact: Funds raised helped Claudia to renew her application to the Temporary Protective Status program, which gives her a social security number and protection from deportation

Olimpia, another member of our youth leadership team, is also starting her junior year at UC Santa Cruz.  With her double major in Community Studies and Spanish, she hopes to eventually work full-time with undocumented students and families.

Impact: Funds raised enabled Olimpia to pay rent for off-campus housing for her Fall quarter. 

Alma just finished her first year of college at San Francisco State University, where she is majoring in Anthropology.  She says, “These last couple of days at the University have been GREAT. I love all my classes, even the three hour lecture class.  In fact that one is my favorite!”

Impact: Funds raised will help Alma pay for her daily commute between Oakland and San Francisco.